MySQL Database training



Course Syllabus :

Creating a Database/MySQL/SELECT
Creating a New Database
Connecting to the Database
SQL Basics
The SELECT Statement
Display the Number of Rows Returned
Making a Reusable Connection Script
MySQL vs. MySQLi vs. PDO
Making a Reusable Connection Script
Error Checking
Making an Include
Sorting Results
Prepared Statements
Selecting and Filtering Results
Preventing SQL Injection Attacks with Prepared Statements
Section 6
SQL: Insert
The INSERT Statement
Using phpMyAdmin
Inserting Information from a Form
SQL: Update
The UPDATE Statement
Update Form
Display Data in the Update Form
Display Checkboxes
Hidden Fields
Course Syllabus | PHP & MySQL Bootcamp 3
SQL: Delete
The DELETE Statement
Deleting Rows from a Database
Passing ID Variables in a URL
SQL: Search
Wildcard Searches
Searching with a Form


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