Graphics designing with photoshop training



Duration: 2 months

Certification: after training

Mode: Offline or Online

Trainer: Param Sir

Preferable Timing: Morning, Afternoon, Evening Batch

Jobs Interview: 4 to 5 Interview

Process :  2 photo ,admission form ,aadhar card,education details , fees


Course Content :

 1 Introduction

Photoshop applications
 History of Photoshop
 Adobe Photoshop cs2
 Adobe Photoshop cs3
 Adobe Photoshop cs4
 Adobe Photoshop cs5
 Adobe Photoshop cs6
 Adobe Photoshop cc

 2 About Photoshop,
Photoshop Features
 advertisement creation,
 wallpapers,
 websites,
 jewelry creation,
 fashion designing,
 animations& 3d effects
 software development,
 and designs,
 Photo modification purpose.

3 Key Board practice
 shortcut keys & commands

 4 Editing Photo in
camera raw

 photo lightings,
 temperature and
 color options for background

5 Creating Web
Galleries, PDF
 PDF Presentation,
 slide show presentation
Day 6 Opening and
Importing images,
Creating Documents
with different sizes
 New document properties
 inserting of images

7 Rectangular Marquee
Tool & Elliptical
marquee tool & single
row marquee tool
,single column
marquee tool
 selections on your image  This changes the area of your
 tools or actions to be within
the defined shape

8 Move tool, magic wand
tool, quick selection
tool, lasso tool,
polygonal lasso tool,
magnetic lasso tool
 Use this to select a color range  Tolerance to make your
selections more/less precise
 the movements to

9 Crop tool, slice tool,
slice select tool,
eyedropper tool, color
sampler tool, ruler
tool, note tool, count
 The Crop Tool works
similarly to the Rectangular
Marquee tool
 it crops your image to the size
of the box
 This is used mostly for
building websites
 splitting up one image into
smaller ones when saving out

10 Spot healing brush
tool, healing brush
tool, patch tool, red eye
tool, brush tool, pencil
tool, color replacement
tool, mixer brush tool
 You can use this tool to repair
scratches and specs and stuff
like that on images
 basically copies the info from
the first area to the second
 It paints one your image, in
whatever color you have

11 Clone stamp tool,
pattern tool, history
brush tool, art history
 This is very similar to the
Healing Brush Tool
 This tool works just like the
Brush Tool information that it

paints with is from the original
 The History Brush tool paints
with the information
12 Eraser tool,
background eraser tool
magic eraser, gradient
tool paint bucket tool
 This is the anti
-Brush tool
 erases with whatever
secondary color
 use this to make a gradiation
of colors
 foreground color and
background color

13 Pen tool, freeform pen
tool, add anchor point
tool, delete anchor
point tool, convert to
point tool, horizontal
type tool, vertical type
tool, horizontal type
mask tool, vertical type
mask tool
 Paths can be used in a few
different ways
 shape the path for accurate
 There’s a lot of options for the
Type Tool
 to make a bounding box

14 Path selection tool,
direct selection tool,
custom shape tools,
hand tool, zoom tool
 You use this tool when
working with paths
 related to the Pen Tool  So if you’re zoomed in and
your image
 It allows you to zoom into
your image
15 Blur tool, sharpen tool,
smudge tool, dodge
tool, burn tool, sponge
 It makes things blurry  long as it is not absolute black.
Absolute black won’t lighten
16 About color
information, Color
 Bitmap,  RGB,  CMYK,  Grayscale

17 Working with layers &
layer styles
 Create New Layer
 Layer Visibility
 Layer Locking Options
 Layer Blending Mode
 Fill
 Opacity
 Layer Lock
 Layer Options Menu
 18 Create Droplet &
Conditional Mode
Change, Fit Image,
Picture Package
 an application that applies an
action to one or more images
 change the document mode

19 Web Photo Gallery in
Bridge cs5

 Each page contains links that
allow visitors to navigate the
 web photo gallery from a set
of images

 20 Use the Merge To
HDR command to
combine multiple
images & Export
Layers To Files
 choose to save the merged
image as a 32-bit HDR image
 destination for the exported
21 About Copy Merged,
Paste in to, Clear, Fill,
 clipboard contents
 paste inside the selection
 layer contents
 foreground colors
 background colors
 outline strokes
22 Define Brush Preset ,
Define Pattern, Define
 fill a layer or selection
 create new patterns

Custom Shape  Draw different shapes
Day 23 Free Transform, Scale,
Rotate, Distort, Skew,
Content-Aware Scale,
 Increase or Decrease width &
 corner handle to scale
 rotate objects & images or text

24 Auto-Blend Layers,
Auto Align layers,
RGB or grayscale
 Photoshop automatically
choose the reference layer
 Use the Auto-Blend Layers
 combining images

 25 Adjustments,
Exposure, Curves
Color Balance, Black
& White
Selective Color, Match
Desaturate, Replace
 adjusting intensity levels of
image shadows, midtones, and
 making tonal adjustments
 Desaturate command converts
a color image to grayscale

26 Channel Mixer,
Gradient Map
Photo Filter
Invert, Equalize
 Two colors image adjustment
 changes the image in to
gradient color mode
 color preset to apply a hue
adjustment to an image
 Shadow/Highlight command
is suitable for correcting
 image to negative mode
27 Variations, Canvas  converting B/W to Color

Calculations, Apply
 This command is used lets you
blend one images
28 Layer Mask, Vector
Merge Layers, Flatten
all layers
 layer mask that shows or hides
 Take custom shape and go to
tool properly
 layers and groups you want to
merge are visible
29 Color Range, Grow,
Blur Filters
 Selection to display the
 image with background Draw
a small selection


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