Core PHP Language training



Course content :

section 1
Basic PHP Syntax
Echo, Strings, and Variables
Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes
Escaping Characters
Working with Numbers
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Table of Arithmetic Operators
Table of Assignment Operators
Defining a Site and Testing Server in Dreamweaver
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
The Difference Between == and ===

Section 2
Course Syllabus | PHP & MySQL Bootcamp 1
Creating a simple array
Using array()
Multidimensional Arrays
Printing an Entire Array Using print_r()
While Loops
For Loops
Break Out of Loop
Working with Strings
Comparing Strings
Converting to Upper and Lower Case
Searching Through Strings
Case-Sensitive and Case-Insensitive

Section 3

Form Basics and Security
Post vs. Get
Radios, Checkboxes, and Select Fields
Magic Quotes
Securing the page
Using Functions
Sending Email
Setting Up MAMP Pro
Setting Up XAMPP and Mercury Mail
Sending a Test Email
Simple Form Validation and Email
Sanitizing Input
Error Checking
Displaying Errors
Sending Email
Adding a Thank You Page
Including Files

Section 4

Adding Cookies
Tracking the Number of Visits
Course Syllabus | PHP & MySQL Bootcamp 2
Sending an Email with the Cookie Info
Starting a Session
Using Session Variables
Log In/Log Out
Destroying Session Variables
File Uploads
Making a File Upload Form
The $_FILES Array
Uploading Files
Basic Security

Section 5

Creating a Database/MySQL/SELECT
Creating a New Database
Connecting to the Database
SQL Basics
The SELECT Statement
Display the Number of Rows Returned
Making a Reusable Connection Script
MySQL vs. MySQLi vs. PDO
Making a Reusable Connection Script
Error Checking
Making an Include
Sorting Results
Prepared Statements
Selecting and Filtering Results
Preventing SQL Injection Attacks with Prepared Statements

Section 6
SQL: Insert
The INSERT Statement
Using phpMyAdmin
Inserting Information from a Form
SQL: Update
The UPDATE Statement
Update Form
Display Data in the Update Form
Display Checkboxes
Hidden Fields
Course Syllabus | PHP & MySQL Bootcamp 3
SQL: Delete
The DELETE Statement
Deleting Rows from a Database
Passing ID Variables in a URL
SQL: Search
Wildcard Searches
Searching with a Form

Duration: 2 months

Certification: after training

Mode: Offline or Online

Trainer: Param Sir

Preferable Timing: Morning and evening

Jobs Interview: 4 to 5 Interview

Process :  2 photo ,admission form ,aadhar card,education details , fees .


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