Android App development training


Android app development training with our expert Param Sir who have more than eight-year experience in android training with MySQL database connect two days demo class.

Course Duration: Two and half months.

Regular class: One and Half hours.

Certification: After Course Completion

Admission Process:  Document(Markshit and aadhar card , Admission Form, and Fees

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Course Content :

Java Concepts
Introduction to Java
OOPS refreshing concept
Android – Basics
Introduction to Android
What is Android?
History of Android
Android versions – History
Introduction to Android Apps Development TOOL
What is Activity?Developing a Simple Android Log In screen UI design
Types of Layouts in Android
Introduction to Android Java class file & its structure

Android App Development :

Creating a simple Toast Message Application on click of a button
What is Android Virtual device (AVD)?
How to create Android Virtual Device (AVD)?
How to run our App on our own Android device?
Android Activity Lifecycle
Android Menus
Creating Alert dialog box in Android
Basic widgets in android, Creating a Simple user registration page UI
Getting data from widgets
Creating a new Activity
Passing Data between Activities
What is Android Manifest file?
What is build gradle file?

Date and Time picker
Playing Audio and Video in android
Listview, gridview, Spinner
Turn on WiFi, Bluetooth programmatically
Sending SMS and Mail programmatically
StartActivity for the result, Types of Intents
Creating Notifications in Android
Animation in android
Sensors in Android
Basic Components of Android
Broadcast Receiver
Content Provider

Android – Advanced:

Effective usage of Android Templates
Shared Preferences
Internal and External storage
Android Fragments, Creating Navigation drawer and loading different fragments on clicking different menu item.
SQLite Database, CRUD operations with it
Creating a Login and Sign Up Application using SQLite Database
Finding the current location using Google maps
JSON, Asynctask, HTTP classes
How to import and Export codes, How to use Third party library projects
and integrating it into our App
Working with GitHub codes
Procedures to launch your App on the Play store.

Java training in Raipur Chhattisgarh
Java Training For Android app development Raipur Chhattisgarh



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