Offers a fun place to create, customize and share wish or goal lists

What is Post Wish website?

Offers a fun place to create, customize and share wish or goal lists. What are your wish or goal with your life? you may try to write down them and make a lists on the Internet, so you can rate your wish or goal performance periodically and keep track of them, it will help you clarify what you really want to do, you might find you have some important and some frivolous wishes or goals. If you would like to share your wishes or goals, it can let other people to care your wishes or goals and give you some suggestions.

Why choose Post Wish website?

  1. Highly customize, you may choose share your wish list or not, you can also choose allow other user reply your wish or not, etc.
  2. There is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to write your wish or goal with the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word
  3. Powerful search function, you can find wishes or goals by one or several keywords
  4. Provide send messagae function, you can send a private message to other users
  5. Provide friend list function, you can add a user to your friend list easily



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