How many times a day does an admin wish he had an opportunity to watch a live color image of what is going on at any network computer in real time? An adminstrator of a corporate network certainly has his hands full. Giving a helping hand to the employee who is having a failure at any given moment is probably one of the most important demands of being an admin, and the most time consuming. So anything that makes the job of remote troubleshooting easier and more effective will probably be welcomed. One technological enhancement that fits that bill is a new software system called Anyplace Control ( Developed by Anyplace Control Software Inc., the program allows a network adminstrator to monitor and control any remote PC in a network giving remote access computer with no need to stand up and walk to the physical location of the specific PC.

The system consists of Admin and Host modules that should be installed on the local computer and a remote one. The product requires both computers to be hooked to each other via the Internet or a LAN. The connection between these PCs can be established in two ways, either via an IP address or a DNS name or over the Internet using an account name and a nickname. In the latter case, the account type of connection allows bypassing routers and firewalls automatically granting remote access computer. Moreover it isn’t necessary to open any ports on the firewall that allows to keep a considerable security level. So there is no need neither for users nor for system administrators to tweak network tuning at all which makes the program an easy to implement one.

After installing the program, administrator just goes about his everyday activities without doing anything special. At any moment, he can start Anyplace Control to get an easy remote access computer in a network, and if there is a need to help a remote user, takes control over remote computer, with his mouse and keyboard as if he were sitting in front of it. admins can move the necessary files between PCs, install new software, restart and shut down remote workstations and do anything else that one would normally do at the local workstationcomputer.


Anyplace Control is a reasonable alternative to Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Corporate computer networks which are located in the same or different countries can be consolidated into a single common network. Company employees can have full remote access to the necessary PCs of the other branch through the secure communication channel provided by Anyplace Control.

A special helpdesk edition of Anyplace Control enables help-desk specialists to provide remote tech support via the Internet or LAN to the customers who cannot resolve technical issues on their own. A technician can have easy remote access to the customer’s desktop and fix any issue on the remote machine rapidly (reducing the general cost of the help-desk services to the end user).

Corporate networks aren’t the only sphere of product use. White collars may find Anyplace Control useful while going to the business trips and taking part in presentations. Such unpleasant situations as missing PowerPoint presentations happen not so rarely as one may think. But issues of such nature are far less annoying when using Anyplace Control. Keeping the laptop open, click on the Anyplace Control icon and get full remote access to the home or office PC established over the Internet. Remote desktop displays the data as you left it, so it is pretty easy to browse to the folder where the presentation is saved, copy the missing file to the laptop using the file transfer option in Anyplace Control or simply start the presentation on remote desktop and let the others watch it on the laptop screen.

Using Anyplace Control, an individual can help relatives and friends to resolve computer issues without leaving the comfort of home chair. The product is also a tool for sharing files with friends. Transferring music, photos or documents directly to the friend’s computer is easy with Anyplace Control.

With Anyplace Control each user, either a home or a corporate one, can find the product meeting to only one’s requirements but budget as well.


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