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MSN Messenger 7.5 Received Editor’s Choice Award On

I have always been a fan of MSN Messenger versus other instant messaging programs. Version 7.5 packs all the best and available features into a small easy download.

Unlike Yahoo! Messenger you can choose to install additional items such as the popup blocker or toolbar. Yahoo! Messenger forces some of these options on to you without giving you a choice. When you instant message somebody or have them instant message you, you have all of the available features right in the instant message window such as video, voice, pictures, games, and various other features. You can easily send and receive files just by dragging and dropping them into the window. You can even have multiple people in the conversation, this feature could be good for businesses who need to have a meeting with people from around the world.

Features also include direct linking to your hotmail or MSN e-mail accounts. When you are bored and have nothing better to do MSN Messenger offers great games that you can play with your buddies just within the instant message window! Games vary from checkers to chess to just about anything you can imagine. You can talk to your buddies for free if you have a microphone using the voice command which has great audio quality. Want to have a video chat? That’s just as easy as the voice chat using your webcam. You can even combine both and use the voice chat and the webcam chat so you can see and hear your buddy at the same time. With different activities at your disposal you can use the whiteboard to draw up sketches for your business or just to have fun.

The main problem with MSN messenger today is that it is mainly used for the adult age. The teenagers are mostly stuck in the AIM era which is also developing. Overall I think the folks down at MSN did a great job on MSN messenger 7.5.

I would recommend it to anyone who needed to just keep in touch with family members to small businesses who need to keep in contact with all of their employees. MSN messenger is free for everyone. The only thing you have to do is sign up for a free hotmail account.

The features, you have got to love all the features that MSN Messenger supports.

Not everything is free. Some of the additional emoticons or winks cost money.

All in all
This is a great program I love to use it to talk to my friends or co-workers.


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