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Mini Project

In most cases, a mini project is an assignment you attempt to complete at the end of each semester, especially in engineering, to improve your understanding of your fundamentals through effective application of theory

Process :

Mini Projects require a great deal of focus and effort when selecting a topic.You can do some online research about the selected topic by doing some online research. Experts’ suggestions. Planning is key.The execution of plans is the key.A presentation.

You will be able to explore the breadth of research being conducted within the college by completing this mini-project. In other words, you may want to set your mini-project as a goal of exploring a discipline that is outside of your immediate research focus.

How to start miniproject :

Decide What You Want To Achieve. The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to achieve.You need to identify your team members…Work on defining your work.Make a Plan.Smartly delegate (to the right person)…The execution and monitoring of the tasks.