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Maximize and Maintain your PC Performance with Reg Organizer

When you click on an icon to start a Web browser or an office application, does it start as fast as it used to when you just bought your new PC?

It is an almost inevitable natural process that, with time, your computer does not run as fast as it used to. More and more unneeded information slows down your PC’s performance. Traces are left when you install and remove software. While you can usually remove most files that are left over when a product is just removed, what about the invisible traces that are left in your computer’s registry?

Every Windows application uses the registry to store its configuration data. Many products do not remove the data completely, which results in residual information abandoned in the Windows registry. One or two or even three programs won’t harm your registry enough to significantly slow down your computer. If, however, you use your computer for months and years, the registry becomes bloated with these residuals. This, in turn, causes major slowdowns in your PC’s operation.

What would you do to stop that from happening? Limiting the number of programs you download and install is one option, but also an inconvenience. Reinstalling Windows from scratch is another option that will, for a while, restore your computer’s original speed. But how much time are you going to waste reinstalling and reconfiguring Windows and all the applications you are so used to? Probably so much time that you’ll decide not to bother.

Luckily, there is a solution that does not require such drastic measures. Reg Organizer by Chemtable Software will restore your PC’s performance to its original level by thoroughly scanning your Windows registry, cleaning up abandoned registry keys and automatically fixing any problems and issues that your computer can acquire over time. Run Reg Organizer regularly, and your computer will stay as healthy and as fast as it was on day one!

While Reg Organizer’s fully automatic mode is great, the product offers much more than just that. After all, there are many so-called ‘registry cleaners’, why bother with another one? Unlike the competition, Reg Organizer has many registry tweaks and tricks to allow advanced computer users to gain better control over their PC.

Reg Organizer allows you to locate and take care of all information that belongs to a specific application, even if it has been uninstalled. Get safer registry imports by allowing Reg Organizer to handle such requests; you will see clearly, in tree-like form, exactly what keys are about to be imported when you click on a .reg file. This is a feature that really should have been a part of Windows by this time!

Finally, you can set up Reg Organizer to track all changes made by software that you install or uninstall. Keep your PC pristine clean by effectively and completely removing all residual traces of information when you uninstall an application! Download your free copy for evaluation at:


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