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Manage Printing Cost by Measuring Ink Coverage

Printing lots of documents in color? Need to know exactly what the ink coverage is? Measure CMYK, RGB and CMYK+8 coverage up to a fraction of a percentage point!

It’s no secret that printing cost varies from one document to another. Toner yield is typically measured at 5% page coverage; but what if some printing jobs are draining the toners with much higher page coverage without you even knowing? Whether you manage your home photo printer or an office with a network printing center, or work for a printing shop, knowing exactly how much toner or ink is required to print a job can save significant amounts of money and generate a hefty extra in proceeds. But is there any way to figure out how much ink you actually need to print a job?

APFill Ink Coverage Meter ( gives you a unique opportunity to learn the exact ink coverage for every printing job before you send it to a printer. The coverage calculator helps you to estimate the printing cost per page and optimize the pages you print, effectively allowing you to save on toner and ink. APFill Ink Coverage Meter goes as far as estimating the price of each job by taking into account both paper size and density as well as color density.

How do you do it? In fact, that’s quite easy. You can get an idea on how much ink of every color the printer uses, or how much toner is spent, by simply opening a document and specifying the part of the screen occupied by the document to APFill Ink Coverage Meter. Alternatively, you can simply open a PDF or PS file with APFill Ink Coverage Meter to get a precise measurement up to a fraction of a percentage point. Finally, if you are a computer geek, you can set up a fully automated system that will calculate, save and display the actual ink coverage!

Knowing exactly how much ink is going to be spent is important for all kinds of printing jobs, but it is extremely important on photo printers with extra colors. Photo cartridges can be extremely costly to replace. APFill Ink Coverage Meter fully supports the extended CMYK +8 color model, estimating exactly how much ink of every color is going to be used on a particular document.

If you are printing commercially, figuring out toner coverage is essential for providing an exact quote to each customer. APFill Ink Coverage Meter helps you do just that and right on the spot! Don’t let your customers wait too long…give them an estimate in an instant by opening their documents and capturing the screen with APFill Ink Coverage Meter!

If you are printing regularly, or if you are in the printing business, don’t wait! Try APFill Ink Coverage Meter right away to realize the savings. There is a fully functional preview available for free:


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