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Make your work schedule more flexible using your home PC to log in to your office remotely.

Nowadays people disastrously lack time. Time gaps make you running fussily just to be in time, but in spite of all efforts your are late.

In this computerized world where the workplace is associated with a PC there is no need of physical presence at the place. You can simply do your job accessing working machine and all corporate resources remotely.

Such remote computer access program as Anyplace Control is going to make your life less fussy.

Anyplace Control displays the screen of the remote PC, letting you use your own keyboard and mouse to control it remotely. Now at any point of time and in any place in the world that has internet connection, you can monitor and control target computer and get data transferred to or from it. Besides, the program can be used in LAN, and it doesn’t need a Web connection in that case. Anyplace Control can connect to multiple PCs at a time.

With Anyplace Control, you will get the smoothest remote access experience along with full control over the remote PC. Thanks to the innovative connection technologies of Anyplace Control, the successful connection doesn’t require the PC to have an external static IP address. Another good thing is that the product can automatically bypass routers and firewalls that lie between the remote computer and your machine. Ordinary home users and help desk specialists alike will certainly appreciate such a change of the connection procedure.

Anyplace Control allows users to transfer files between the connected PCs. You no longer need to spend time on sending files via e-mail, because it’s much easier to use direct file transfer by Anyplace Control. Simply copy any text and graphics from one computer and paste it to another. The program can transfer any kind of data, and you can be sure that the information you send will be delivered immediately with no response delay.

Developed with much care to end users comfort, Anyplace Control presents a easy to use program for a wide range of tasks. Home users can use the program to get access to office computers and work from home or check their own computer while being away from home. It’s also of much help when you need to rapidly solve some problem or transfer files in your home network. Anyplace Control is also the right choice for remote assistants and network admins because it’s the best tool for accessing computers remotely.

Anyplace Control is available today.

Pricing and Availability

Anyplace Control runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and costs $22 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (up to $7 for a license). Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and upgrades. More information on Anyplace Control, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from

About Anyplace Control Software

The company was founded in 2002 and specializes in corporate and end user network solutions, including remote control, network security, network maintenance and administration and remote support software. Anyplace Control is its premium product, which has proved to be highly popular among home users worldwide.


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