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Make perfect copies of all your disks

DVD and CD disks became a part of our lifestyle, most of us have a significant collection of movies, audio CDs, photos, games, office documents and other disks. And it’s very often that you need to make a copy of that disks, for backup purposes or simply to make a couple of copies of your wedding video for your friends. There are many programs that can copy your DVD movies, but very few of those which can copy all your disks, both CD and DVD.

Here we’ll test a program called Clone My DVD, which claims copying any kind of DVD and CD disks. “Clone My DVD – a universal DVD and CD copier” is what we see on product’s website, and we’d like to check is it really can copy any kind of disk?

Installation takes several seconds, the program is designed as a classic step-by-step wizard, it looks slick and clear. Choose disk to copy, it’s a DVD movie now, and press “Next” button to go further. We’ve got two DVD drives on our test computer so the program asks do we want to copy directly from drive to drive? Yes we do! Press “Next” again and it started to copy. By default it makes one copy, but you can set number of copies as you like.

Come again, now with an audio CD. Clone My DVD does the job perfectly, we’ve got exactly the same CD, no quality loss at all! We did the same with a couple of game CDs, CD with photos, MP3 music DVD, another DVD movie, and one more DVD movie. All attempts were successfull, no hassles.

Then we tested how it works with a single CD/DVD drive. First it copies from disk to computer, then asks to insert a blank disk and writes a copy. It takes additional time, but the result is also perfect.

What we also noticed is Clone My DVD doesn’t reduce the quality of DVD movies and audio CDs, which is good. In fact, you get a true copy, exactly the same as original. Clone My DVD is really able to copy any CDs and DVDs, and it doesn’t matter what disk is in your drive, you get a proper copy with Clone My DVD anyway. We succesfully copied over ten disks, both CD and DVD, which contained video, MP3 music, CD audio tracks, photos, documents, free software and other stuff. It successfully recognizes various CDR/RW, DVD+/-R/RW disks and double-layer DVD movies.

There is only one feature missed in Clone My DVD. Regrettably it cannot encode 9Gb double-layer DVD to the 4.7Gb single layer, so those who’re looking for this feature will be frustrated. But anyway Clone My DVD is still one of the best copying software we ever seen.

Free trial version allows you to copy up to three whole disks, the only limitation is copying protected DVD movies, which is available only in full version. Free download from


Clone My DVD is awesome, it can make a copy of all DVD and CD disks, even those are region-protected. You just insert a disk, press couple of buttons and get a carbon copy. It can copy to blank disk, make multiple copies if you want, and it allows to copy directly from drive to drive. All these functions are wrapped into a very clear and simple nterface, not overloaded with too many buttons and menus. If you’re looking for all-in-one disk copier try Clone My DVD, which is like a swiss knife – easy to handle and universal at the same time.

You can find more information on Clone My DVD and download free trial version at
Get full version without limitations at


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