LockAccess – perfect website password protection user authentication script: user access control and htaccess password protection

LockAccess is a professional management tool for web site password protection, user authentication and user access control to web directories. Using .htaccess password protection, this software grants you one of the most secure and easiest ways to protect your directories and restrict access to them.
LockAccess provides intuitive web-based interface and self-installing system that doesn’t require any programming skills, authentication or PHP knowledge. All the actions are clearly visible, and the results of these actions will be shown instantly on your screen.
With LockAccess you can create unlimited password protected directories with unlimited usernames and passwords. To set password protection, just click on catalogue tree image elements and protect the appropriate directory, register new users and edit their personal data, easily grant access to protected areas, define user expiration date, send mail lists, customize email and language templates, and much more… at http://password-managers.net


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