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Limitless Icon Editing Abilities and Refined Icons into the Bargain

Sib Icon Studio is designed to provide specialists with an optimal set of tools for icon design and management. Whether you need to extract, create, edit or manage icons and cursors you will find all necessary instruments in Sib Icon Studio delivered in the most convenient form. The program also features the Instant Icons function greatly simplifying the creation of standard design elements. It provides immediate access to a set of grouped ready-made icons for often used toolbar and menu items. You can edit these icons or use them right away at your favor. Now design of standard elements will take much less time and effort. Take full advantage of Sib Icon Studio and its Instant Icons’ time-saving solution to create classy icons with ease.

Many editing options in Sib Icon Studio enable users to comfortably create and edit semi-transparent icons of standard and custom sizes in rich 32-bit color palette. In addition to icons, you can use it to make static and animated cursors. In order to facilitate the design process, you can export and import files to many formats, such as ICO, BMP, JPEG, ANI, CUR, GIF and PNG. It’ll come in handy when you need to quickly turn some picture you like into a first-grade icon. Also, for your convenience, the program includes such tools as gradient and chess fill.

You can use Sib Icon Studio’s managing functions to organize your icons properly. The tool can manage not only icons and cursors but also icon libraries and image lists. What’s more, for better navigation in a large icon collection, you can make use of the advanced search system. Also in order to provide you with a wider choice of icons, the tool can be used for downloading new icons from the Web. You can extract icons from executables, libraries and animated cursor files as well. And in case you need to change the icon of a ready.exe file without going into details, you can use Sib Icon Studio to quickly modify icons within executables.

Choose Sib Icon Studio to let your icon design talents shine!


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