Jack The DVDRipper Comes Back To The 21st Century

Don’t worry! It’s not about killing; it’s about converting …

Still, if you want to be a ripper, do it for a good purpose! For you, for your friends, for your computer, for your free time and – who knows – even for me!

As a matter of fact, I’m not talking about crime at all! That is, if you don’t have a strange fetish with DVDs. Though, if you have one, don’t worry, this DVD ripper is not that ruthless. You can only use it in order to convert audio or video data, to transfer what you have on your DVD to your hard disk, to make a digital copy of a DVD file format.

If you don’t trust share programs, if you have a low download speed and it would be easier to knock your friend’s next door than wait for hours until the movie you desperately want to see downloads, it’s better to borrow the DVD. You’ll have the possibility to see it a hundred times if you want! Unfortunately, without a DVD ripper the movie you want remains hidden inside that shiny round thing and your hands tied…

If you already have a DVD ripper, take care! As audio and video are two separate things, you can not do it all at once, as the file formats are different. This means that you need both an audio ripper and a video ripper. And it’s easier if you have them both in one single software product, isn’t it?

For a successful and efficient ripping to have a DVD ripper is not enough, though! The basic things that you must know regard the drive speed, cpu speed, disk space, malware, the processor needed and the available memory. A factor that influences the working speed of the DVD ripper is the drive speed. For example, an 8X drive means that the ripping process is eight times faster than the DVD playing process. So the fastest drive allows you to rip faster! Another factor, as I mentioned above is the cpu speed. A slow cpu can cause a slowdown as it can not work at the speed of the drive. Another problem may occur if your computer is not clean. Spyware, software updates, games, applications, etc running in the background as they can damage the process of the DVD audio ripper and the video DVD ripper. It is also important to have a fast computer in order to handle the conversion of DVDs to your hard drive. A 2 ghz+ processor should be able to do the job quite well. Also having more than 40 GB of free space is recommended if you do not want to spend an hour ripping your DVD and find out that your DVD ripper has ran out of space and must quit.

For all this to happen the way you want it, you can use DVDSanta. It has nothing to do with Christmas, nor is it a technological avatar of old Santa! It’s just a ripper… but it brings you presents and … no surprises; you can bet on this!

DVDSanta is an All-in-One software that makes possible the copying, creating, converting and burning your DVD movies. It can also turn your photos into DVD movies with motion effects, convert other video formats(avi,wmv,vob,asf…) into DVD video, transfer miniDV camcorder tapes directly to DVD video. And you’ll find it extremely easy to use and efficient.


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