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Is there spyware and adware on your computer??

The Shocking Facts are that 85% to 90% of computers that are connected to the internet today are infected by some type of adware and spyware!- Source CNN

These malicious software programs Invade your privacy and send personal and private data to third parties and also take up hard drive space and slow down your PC.

Spyware tracks your online internet browsing and surfing habits. It moniters each location you visit and what you have looked up on that site. Spyware programs can even track every keystroke you make on your keyboard and record every bit of data you add to a online form, such as name, location and credit card data when you make a purchase. This can lead to identity hijacking and theft of personal and private credit card information. Your PC surfing habits and personal and private information is then sold to third parties.

Adware is another kind of spyware. It doesn’t work by tracking your information as spyware does, but what it can do is literally switch your browser settings without your permission. It can cause pop-up ads to appear on your PC. A toolbar can also be installed on your computer without your knowledge. Most of us are unaware of the presence of adware programs installed on our computer untill it starts to slow down, crash, blue screen or programs stop working properly.

The spyware business is a billion-dollar a year industry with people getting very rich selling the information they steal about you.

Downloading and installing anti-spyware software will remove and protect your computer from spyware, adware, keyloggers, pop-ups, trojans and worms.

You can if you wish go to and download an excellent anti-spyware program that will scan, remove and protect your computer from all these hidden parasites.

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