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Instant Remote Desktop Access for Business and Personal Use

In modern world of high speeds the most precious resource is time. Never-ending rushes to get forgotten documents, going to faraway places only to show the customer what button to click and many other small nuisances of the kind require long runs and consume our precious time.

As a result software companies started developing remote PC control programs that would save the time and raise labor efficiency. Basic feature of such software products is ability to control remote desktop with a local mouse and keyboard just as if one were sitting at the remote PC. However the main drawback of greater part of remote control solutions is that they are developed mostly for IT specialists and private users simply have no time and desire to make all the necessary network settings to connect to a remote PC over the Internet.

Marketing researches show that products requiring minimum of network settings will meet home and business users’ expectation of easy remote desktop access. Alongside with usability this group of customers also values balanced selection of tools (i.e. the software shouldn’t be over featured) though providing maximum performance.

Anyplace Control ( is a bright representative of solutions that meet main home and business users’ expectations of usability and functionality. Developed by “Anyplace Control Software” company the program allows you to control remote desktop with local mouse and keyboard and transfer files in both directions. And new wiseconnectivity scheme provides instant access to remote PCover the Internet.

For viewing remote desktop one needs to have 2 computers connected to the Internet. The product consists of Admin and Host modules that should be installed on the local PCand a remote one respectively. During the installation user simply creates an Internet Account which unites 2 PCs. Remote control is possible right after the software modules are installed. User starts Admin module, selects the necessary Host, clicks “Connect” and remote desktop is displayed on the local monitor.

Set up process is pretty easy and requires no IP addresses, port numbers or any other stuff of the kind. Account Connection provides unimpeded access to any remote desktop even behind firewall or router without network settings!

Moreover such connectivity scheme allows keeping multiple security level: transferred data encryption, protection of Host PC with password and no open ports in the security system.

Alongside with performance and security business users as well as home ones appreciate mobility. So Anyplace Control developers made their product highly mobile, providing users with ability to write Admin module on a flash drive and access remote desktop from any PC that has connection to the Internet.

Such balanced selection of tools and features makes Anyplace Control smart in solving tasks varying from child control to on-line presentations and helps to save the time for really important things.


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