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Installing Linux – 5 Things To Consider First

Is Linux the way to go?

Well that’s a question that does not have a simple answer. Some people, mostly hardcore gurus, will say “Yes it sure is!” but believe it or not there are people who still like Windows.

When it comes to deciding between installing Linux instead of Windows (or any other operating system) you must keep various things in mind. Below is a list of the five key things you need to consider before choosing.

  1. Is this going to be used as a desktop or server system? – Linux has been primarily used in the mainstream server world as web and ftp servers. There are many types of servers that you can run with Linux such as DHCP (BOOTP in Linux terms), directory services (LDAP), and many more.
  2. What software is going to run on this computer? – There are many applications that still have not been written for Linux. Check with your software vendor before installing Linux to see if they have a version of their software that will work.
  3. Are you going to be playing games? – As with other software, there are lots of games that have not be ported over to Linux. If you are really into a certain game and it does not exist in a Linux version you might want to consider staying with Windows.
  4. What is your level of computer knowledge? – Since Linux is completely different than Windows you will probably have to learn everything from scratch. Things such as installing software, booting up, and deleting files are completely different. If you are not willing to take some time to learn a new operating system then you may want to steer clear.
  5. What is the price? – Well with Linux there are two price ranges, free and not so free. The main idea behind Linux is the “Open Source” concept. This basically means that the code of the operating system is free to use, distribute, and modify at your will. This is good because most Linux distributions are free. It also means that companies can package and sell it under their own name. Ordinarily if you want to go with Linux you should stick with the free versions.

After you have considered these five questions you should have a good idea of whether or not to install Linux on your computer. The main benefit of Linux is that there are tons of free versions out there. Over the past few years Linux, in general, has grown quite well and there are many resources, on the web, where you can find information, explanations, and tutorials on just about anything to do with it.


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