Importance Of A Clean Registry

The Windows registry is the nerve center of your PC its made up of information called Keys and strings which simply put are directions for your software so it knows how to run.

Installing an application is an easy task for most users. But what about uninstalling? Do you know how to completely remove an application from your system? Did you know that most applications leave permanent files or registry entries on your system? In order to keep your system clean, you need to properly install and uninstall applications. Correctly uninstalling an application can ensure that it will not cause you any problems in the future.

The right way to uninstall software is definitely not the delete key. And it’s not always the familiar Add/Remove Programs dialog. In many cases, you need to follow a series of steps in order to completely remove a program from your system.

Add/Remove Programs: This is the familiar application you can find on your Control Panel. It is (obviously) the most important tool that you use to remove an application. It is primarily intended for applications that don’t offer an Uninstall program on their own. Most of the times however, it can be safely used to uninstall these applications as well, since their own uninstall program will be started by the Add/Remove Programs dialog. It can be found at Start – Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs.

Many applications tend to leave permanent files laying around on your hard disk. Your system does not need these files and so, apart from wasting space, sometimes they may adversely affect the performance of your system (e.g. an older version of a library may cause compatibility issues with newer applications). On the other hand, there are also programs that leave useless registry entries on your Windows registry that can cause similar problems.

A Registry cleaning program can be used to find and delete all registry keys, strings, files and folders that the program has left on your machine. This will result is a faster PC and a PC less Prone to errors.

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