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Ready-made Windows icons are hype of today, and not without a reason. Software developers need icons, Web designers need icons, and even you and I need icons to customize Windows desktop and folders. But where do these icons come from?

Most Windows icons are drawn by graphic designers by hand. The rest is converted from other image formats such as digital pictures. While you can often make your own icons by converting your favorite pictures with software like Any to Icon or ArtIcons Pro, sometimes you just need a toolbar icon or an application icon drawn perfectly smooth to the last bit. Is contracting a graphic designer your last and only resort? Not really!

Enter the realm of ready-made icons! Why pay per hour of work when you can get a huge collection of Windows icons in every imaginable format for a fraction of the price? Why waiting days and weeks to get something you haven’t seen while you can pick as many Windows icons from a huge icon library as you need? Finally, why paying before you can even see the result when you can choose among hundreds and hundreds of icons that are displayed right before your eyes?

All right, but where are those huge icon libraries? They’re right here, on the Internet! lists hundreds of software icons, vista icons, Windows XP icons, desktop icons and toolbar icons. They’ve got icons for software development and icons for Web design, and even icons for customizing your Windows desktop and folders! At you always see what you get before you buy. If you know what you’re looking, just type a keyword in the search box, and you’ll see the many icons that were tagged with that word. Download individual icons or icon packs, or get the whole library at a discounted price! designs new icons 24×7, adding to a growing collection of Windows icons. Their icons are slick, professional and modern, matching Windows XP icon style and the new style of Vista icons.

The icon database is available from


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