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How to create a self running slideshow

If you want to share a few photos with friends and family creating a self running slideshow can be a fun and different way to do it. I will show you step by step how you can create a self running full-screen slideshow that does not require any installation and that does not infect your computer with strange add-ware or other unwanted software.

Selecting photos
First of all you need a couple of images to use for your slideshow. Use your favourite image program and make a copy of your selected image. Photos taken with a normal digital camera are larger than what can be displayed on a normal computer screen. Having larger images does nothing for the quality it only make the files larger and they take a longer time to load. Resize your images to 1024×768 which is what most people has set as resolution for their desktop. If you want to make a slideshow from a movie you can download Fast video indexer, and use it to capture movie frames.

Building the slideshow.
When you have selected the images start Inzomia image viewer and add the images to the empty playlist. You can reorder images in the playlist by dragging. The slideshow will display the images in the playlist order.

Next, open the preferences on go to the slideshow tab do set how many seconds each image should be displayed. On the transitions tab you can select if the slideshow should have transitions and you can alter the transition type. If you check the “show transitions in navigation” you can try the settings by clicking on different images in the playlist.

When you have completed you settings click on the Save button. From the file format dropdown list select “Self running exe slideshow”, select a filename for your slideshow and click Save. You will be prompted with a dialog asking if you want a help dialog displayed before the slideshow starts, click “yes” and you are ready.

Running your slideshow
Now close Inzomia image viewer, if the program is running the slideshow will not start. Find the exe slideshow on your computer and double click it to run the program. When you want to share the slideshow with friends the best is if you have a web server where you can upload the program or if you pack the exe file in a zip file. Many mailservers and firewalls do not allow exe files as attachments. This is to prevent users to accidentally install harmful software on their computer. The slideshow you created with Inzomia image viewer does not contain any addware or other harmful code.

Creating a self running exe slideshow with Inzomia image viewer is so simply anyone can do it. Sharing you photo as a slideshow is fun and different and the one you give the slideshow does not have to have the program installed.


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