Employee Intellectual Property Theft Destroys Businesses

In business one of the top priorities is internal security. Through computer use, corporate information can easily be compromised if an organization does not have a proper spy software system in place. By tracking employee activity, a well-developed spy software system allows administrators to have control over all computer activity while preserving the privacy of all internal data.

SONAR is a revolutionary security spy software product that helps administrators maintain the integrity of their company by protecting critical information and enforcing internal policies to all network users. This advanced spy software creates a coherent system that functions at the desktop level.

SONAR’s spy software monitors all online activity through a central server that governs assets on or off the company network, including outside contractors and traveling sales people. With SONAR, security solutions are configured in minutes making this spy software one of the most user-friendly on the market. With SONAR, it is unnecessary to have other solutions installed, making it an idea all-in-one security program.

SONAR’s advanced spy software system captures all keystrokes that have been typed into a computer. This spy software monitors and filters all Internet use, whether it is on your network or off, including when you are not online. With this efficient and thorough software, all web mail and instant messages are quickly disseminated. SONAR takes screenshots of all computer activity, past and present, reads all employee communications, blocks software applications on a scheduled basis, screens all email attachments for sensitive material, and tracks all file use.

SONAR allows compromising material to be blocked and will remotely destroy or locate any recovered data when appropriate. With SONAR’s advanced filtering capabilities you can block websites, filter content, create a white list of websites allowed, whereby traffic is directed to these sites only, and limit application of use according to your specifications.

In addition, SONAR offers spy software functions as an ultimate surveillance tool, providing proof for investigations that may be conducted as a result of inside company fraud.

In a recent survey it was found that 78% of IT related companies have suffered inside security breaches, costing the institutions a fortune in losses. With employees and contractors having free access to connectivity, no wonder businesses are becoming more vulnerable every day. But internal fraud is something preventable. With SONAR spy software the technology is analyzed internally, allowing the risk of security breaches to be nipped in the bud.

Often precious time on the job is wasted by unnecessary web surfing. More than 2/3 of Internet users have confessed in interviews that they have wasted sometimes more than 30% of their job time in non-work-related Internet surfing, whether browsing shopping sites, porn sites, or hobby-related sites. With SONAR spy software this activity is not only monitored but can also be instantly curtailed.

SONAR spy software has the unique ability to identify, track, and control data output, providing a specific protocol for what can be done and what cannot be done with company material. This application is easily configured in minutes versus the days or weeks that other spy software systems often require.

Any application can also be deployed at the discretion of company administrators in a matter of minutes making SONAR one of the most pliable, efficient, and thorough spy software programs on the market today.

Computer theft has also become a commonplace occurrence in the business world. Losing even one computer can compromise the entire security of an organization. SONAR offers a Location and Recovery module that helps to locate a stolen computer, identify what has been done with data, and destroy compromising material before it has ended up in the wrong hands.


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