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Eliminate Broken Links and Maintain Your Web Site Error-Free

Making or managing a Web site? Improve the quality of your Web site and maintain HTML pages error-free with SeoAdministrator Site Analyzer.

In today’s fast-paced hi-tech environment, Web sites and individual pages quickly become obsolete, and so do external links placed on your Web site and pages. Regular link checks are vital to keep any website free of errors. Broken links, HTML errors and other issues annoy visitors and make it difficult to browse through your siteā€¦a real pain for visitors and webmasters alike. Broken links degrade the usability of your Web site, and are strongly advised against by major search engines. Many search engines recommend checking your Web site for broken links and for correct HTML as part of their Web master guidelines.

Fixing broken links is easy provided you know exactly which links to remove or modify. But how do you know which links are broken and which aren’t?

Good Web development tools such as Macromedia DreamWeaver or Microsoft Expression Web can scan your project for broken links within the project, ensuring that the correct pages are addressed by every link. Unfortunately, they don’t take the next step, providing no tools for you to check your outgoing links for validity when published.

Scanning all of your HTML pages and manually verifying each and every outgoing link for 404 and other errors may be an option if you have a single-page Web site with only a few external links. But, that is obviously not an option if you are managing a larger or dynamic Web site.

The same goes for validating every HTML page on your Web site. While you may have a perfectly valid template, can you be sure that no element in your site’s dynamic content has all HTML meta-tags such as Title, Description, Keywords, as well as image Alt tags? These tags are not required by HTML standards, but using them properly makes your Web pages more informative to visitors and more valuable in the eyes of search engines.

Ensure the best user experience and avoid search engine problems by eliminating broken links and maintaining your Web pages in a standards-compliant and error-free manner! Site Analyzer ( performs a comprehensive scan of your Web site and informs you about any problems found on its pages. Broken links, faulty images, HTML errors and even missing meta-tags are accounted for and reported in a clearly legible way.

Each and every Web page and outgoing link will be analyzed and accounted for. Your Web pages Google PageRank will be checked and included into the report.

Site Analyzer is not limited to scanning your Web site and creating a report. After the scan is complete, the product already knows about your Web site and pages. Why not put this information to good use? After scanning your Web site, Site Analyzer can make a perfectly valid XML sitemap for Google completely automatically. You can also create an additional HTML sitemap for your own visitors.

Site Analyzer is an exemplary tool for modern Web masters. Save time and ensure the quality of your Web site with SeoAdministrator Site Analyzer! Download your copy now:


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