DVD Player Software?

When I first read this topic name I didn’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole! After all what the heck is dvd player software? My dvd player doesn’t have any place to put floppy disks or cd-ROMs and I have never seen that advertised in the store or on TV (And for me if it aint on TV it aint real). So I was about to write it off… … and then I remembered that sometimes I do watch DVDs on my laptop when I am on a trip or feel like watching a movie in bed and my laptop does have the capability to add software, so maybe this is something that I ought to look into because it might be real after all.

If you think about it the dvd player that you have is more of a computer than you may think and so every dvd player has dvd player software programmed onto it or it wouldn’t be able to read the digital material on the DVD and transform it into meaningful images and sounds. However this wouldn’t matter to us at all because we will never need and could never use new software for these dvd players—it is permanently with that player.

Computers on the other hand that have a dvd compatible drive also must have dvd software to play the dvd. The differences among these dvd player software packages has been most clear to me when I have plugged in a movie after a long day of work. I am ready for no more headaches and then the software that is programmed on the disk usually messes everything up. You see often they have some sort of autoplay so that the software that comes with the DVD will automatically start playing the movie. However this software has either never been very compatible with my computer or just sucks all the way around because it never works right.

I always have better results when I stop the integral dvd player software and use the software that I have either downloaded onto my computer or that came in the software package in the new computer. This DVD software usually performs as flawlessly as you would want after a long hard day on the job as a new and used video games salesman. Which makes me wonder, “ is there a software package for playing DVD’s that will make my movie watching experience better than flawless.” I will be searching and I will keep you posted.


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