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Download Adware programs from Lavasoft – for free!

Any computer connected to the Internet needs some sort of protection against unscrupulous companies and persons who use the Internet to spread malicious software. The new Adware 6.0 has been designed to protect the computer from different types of Adware. Adware is short for advertising-supported software. Internet users are often tricked into installing an Adware program on their computer, and once it is installed the Adware program can take control over the computer and automatically play advertising material for the user, or download advertising material to the computer without the owners consent. It is very easy to involuntarily install Adware. A simple click on a fake X in the top right corner of an irritating pop-up add can be enough to `okay’ an installation, without you ever even noticing that a program is being installed. The fact that you are using a Firewall and a good Anti-virus program does not mean that you are safe when it comes to Adware. You need a program specifically designed to detected and remove Adware from your computer, and alert you every time an Adware program tries to install itself.

As mentioned above, the Adware is primarily used to display advertisements and commercials for you. Some Adware are however combined with so called Spyware. Once your computer has been infested with Spyware, the Spyware program will monitor you action and send back sensitive information to its owner. The information is used by the Adware program to more effectively target you with the right commercials. The gathered information can include very personal details such as lists of all your visited websites, how often you visit each site, online purchases and all your online searches. Adware are used by dishonest persons and companies to track your online habits and gather information about you without your knowledge or consent. The information is normally used to target you with commercials and advertising, but can be used for more malevolent actions as well.

There are also honest Adware products available, which are not installed without your consent. Adware can be a way to make it possible for a company or a programmer to provide the users with free versions of a software program, such as a popular game. The advertising displayed while you are using the program will help paying for programming development costs etcetera. Honest Adware programs are not installed without your knowledge and you can remove them when you do not wish to use the software product anymore. Adware 6.0 is one of several programs design to protect your computer from Adware. Adware 6.0 will scan your computer and clean it from existing Adware. The program will also alert you every time an attempt to install a potentially harmful program on your computer is made. 6.0 has been designed to alert you of any potential security- and privacy breaches. Adware 6.0 can be downloaded for free online and most users will probably find it easy to install and use. Compared with many other Ad-Aware programs the file is relatively small and will therefore not take for ever to download, even if you are using a modem to connect to the Internet. Adware 6.0 will begin working immediately and do not require a reboot. Using Adware 6.0 to scan your computer and clean away any suspicious software will typically take a few minutes.

One drawback with the free version of Adware 6.0 is however that it does not include all features, and you will have to pay for an upgraded version if you want to have full program access. Regardless of which Ad-Aware program you choose to use, you must update the program regularly to keep the register up to date, since new types of malicious Adware are created constantly. With Adware 6.0, updates are available for free and you can also set the program to update for you automatically.

You can configure Adware 6.0 to make it suit your own preferences. The free version comes with plenty of different options, but if you wish to have access to all possible configurations you must buy the Plus or Professional versions of Adware 6.0. If an option is greyed out in your version of Adware 6.0, it means that this option is not available. All the changes you make concerning the configuration is saved, so it is very easy to go back to an earlier configuration if you find out that your current one does not suit you.


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