Direct access to real-time help from thousands of professionals at

Direct access to real time help from thousands of professionals at is the next step in social networking offering instant access to public professionals willing to assist other members using real-time over the internet. This GOIMN, or Global Online Instant Messaging Network, quickly supplies up to 8 different ways to communicate with your professional via online messaging tools! Best of all, is completely free to use!

How can benefit you on a daily basis? The internet is a fantastic tool to gain information and knowledge however, nothing can outweigh the value of learning directly from an individual who is skilled in a particular field or topic. How great would it be to connect with a skilled mechanic in real-time over the internet to discuss your problem and get answers? can be used for every topic imaginable such as… Writing, Cooking, Electrical, Entertainment, Products, Sports, Business, Science, Auto Repair And so much more!

Not only does benefit those who are seeking knowledge, but greatly assists in social networking with those who have similar interests and skills.

How can you become a professional yourself? Simply register and select skill-set keywords you supply. After registering, you can immediately contact other members and other users will be able to contact you for assistance in topics you are knowledgeable in through the online chat facility provided by

Finding the right professional to chat is quick and easy. Online indicators will show you when a particular user is on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype or InstantPros! Type in the general subject which you are seeking a professional in and will instantly return other InstantPros members who are waiting to help you! If you are fully satisfied with Instant Pros services you can suggest a friend.

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