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Converting Images into Icons

Did you ever try customizing a folder on your desktop with an icon? Selecting a folder icon requires that you specify a picture in a valid Windows icon format. You can download free windows desktop icons from the Internet, but what if you have a specific picture in mind and just want to make a desktop icon from your own image?

If you need to create a Windows desktop icon from any image, you need a tool to perform icon conversion. It so happens that Windows does not have any built-in icon converter to make Windows icons from image files. How would you make a Windows icon then? Use a third-party tool such as Any to Icon Pro or ArtIcons Pro!

Wait a second! A professional application to make and convert icons? They must require a skillful designer to operate, right? Wrong! Anyone can make a native-looking Windows XP or Windows Vista icon with Any to Icon Pro or ArtIcons Pro! All you need to make your own icon files is a picture you like and an icon conversion tool.

It only takes seconds to make a great-looking icon from any image file. To convert an image to a Windows icon, just launch Any to Icon and add files to the list. Any to Icon supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG images and converts them to ICO files. Specify properties for your icon, such as the size (16×16, 32×32 or 48×48 pixels) and transparency. Square the image with a crop tool, and you’ve got a native Windows icon that you can assign to any folder! Your new icon already contains all sizes that are necessary to view your folder properly in Windows Explorer no matter what view size you specify. Small view, list view or large view will look equally great, with cool transparency effects and smooth edges.

Need advanced options such as shadows or translucency? Try IconLover or ArtIcons Pro! These Windows icon editors allow you to modify icons inside exe-files, create and edit Windows XP icons and Windows Vista icons.

Download and try Any to Icon and ArtIcons Pro for free from


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