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ClixGenie, An online Web Tracker tool to monitor your website visitors.

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If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed” – a basic rule of marketing.

ClixGenie helps you to have a better understanding of traffic on your site assists in planning future development, increasing website traffic, and also provides opportunities for increasing revenue through targeted advertising. This is a very useful marketing tool – helps you check if your Google AdWords works if your search engine optimization (SEO) works if your affiliate programs work etc. This makes it possible to analyze sales activities on your website and take further decisions. ClixGenie has a highly efficient monitoring system. It does not clog your bandwidth by repeatedly checking the server for new visitors. (No refresh needed to update tables). There is no upper limit on the number of visitors to be monitored.

• How each customer navigates through your website, which links they use, and which pages they visit, it shows which pages are visited more often and more popular and informative.
• Which browsers did they come from, where did they come from – through a search engine or link, or Google AdWords… what marketing techniques are working?
• Which country is each visitor from – input to target segment analysis…
• At which point they abandoned your site and where they decided to buy – which pages of your website need to be worked on.
• Is the visitor coming to your website for the first time or is he a repeat customer – how many unique visitors you are able to get.
• How much time did he spend on each page of your website – shows how serious they are and what are there interests.
ClixGenie makes Web monitoring & tracking easy and cost-effective. Our hosted Online chat software tracks the web statistics and helps you plan effective marketing strategies helping you decide where to best place your advertising dollars. This information gives you a birds-eye view of how your online business is progressing.


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