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Channeladvisor Pro- A Review

Channel Advisor has just launched a UK version of their highly successful auction management software ChannelAdvisor Pro. This Internet-based system provides a whole range of management solutions for serious individual and small business sellers It can save you a great deal of time by handling many of the routine tasks involved with selling on eBay.

The program offers templates and image hosting as well as helping you to create an attractive and attention-grabbing listing. It also manages the complete after sales process including the communications with your buyers, payment collection and the leaving of feedback.

As well as being able control all your buyer e-mail communications the ChannelAdvisor Pro also handles all backend activities such as inventory management, invoice and delivery note printing. On every useful feature is that you can schedule your listing without incurring any extra fees from eBay

Once a sale is made your customer will be redirected into the ChannelAdvisor Pro checkout . Here the buyer gives all the necessary details such as invoice and delivery address and can even be given the opportunity to make further purchases from you.

All in all this appears to be a very useful solution for busy eBay sellers. Currently there are 2 levels of membership, the Starter and the Power. The Starter, which costs just £3.90 a month, is designed intended for sellers who would normally sell less than £2000 per month on eBay. The Power, which costs £14.90, is as the name suggest for those with a higher turnover.

In addition to the monthly charge there are additional listing fees, which come on top of the normal fees that you pay to eBay. Some one using the Starter plan would pay a Final Valuation Fee of 0.95% (Minimum 10p, Max £1.95) plus a listing fee of 5p. A Power member pays 0.5% Final Valuation (Minimum 10p, Max £1.95) and a 3p listing fee. There is a significant saving if you pay your subscription on an annual rather than a monthly basis. .

I liked the idea that you could attach up to 6 pictures to your listing and that your subscription includes 25MB of image hosting. Additional 100MB can be purchased for £9.95 per month. This program has been available to the users of for some time where it has proved to be a popular product in what is becoming a somewhat crowded market.

I can see this program becoming very useful many eBayers helping them at all stages of the selling process. As part of their launch into the UK the company are offering a 2 week trial period which should give anyone a chance to test out the ChannelAdvisor Pro before committing themselves. Definitely worth taking a look at.


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