Another Fine Mess!

I was reading an excellent article today titled “Identity Theft” by Judith Collins at when it got me to thinking…. I’m in the Anti-Spyware business, and I’m doing a lot of advertising to promote my website, but here I am online and on the phone, giving my personal information to…..who? Strangers basically, Geez!.

Most identity thefts occur thru contractors employing people in entry-level jobs that have not been properly screened. Not even Hackers, Phishers or Dumpster Divers account for as many! The ideal location for an Identity stealer would be in an outsourced agency that fails to use adequate screening processes.

I’ve read many articles lately that state we need stricter guidelines and procedures to ensure we have proper security as consumers. A set of universal rules that would be adhered to by all. To even think of the enormous complexity of this project staggers the mind!

So here I am, I want to take an advertisement out at a prestigious magazine that is published in traditional print paper and online. I may have to deal with people online and on the phone.I give my name, address, phone number, and……my credit card number! EGAD, what am I doing?

Then my common sense and education about matters such as these kicks in and I rationalize that these companies would not be in business if they couldn’t keep their customers happy. But, accidents happen.

So you see my dilemma. I know computer security and Spyware, and the vulnerabilities and strengths when dealing online. It’s just a little new to me to trust, when I know the ramifications to me personally if my Identity were to be used for ill-gotten gain.

I know after all these years of being a, OK I admit it, a slightly paranoid online user, that I need to make myself a little vulnerable so I can better succeed in my online business.

I’ve been where the people who contact me asking for help are; a place in their minds of anger, frustration, and helplessness.

But then as I said earlier, common sense and education about Spyware win over and I take a deep breath and go on.


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