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AlphaStar – the bundle of professional lighting effects

The power bundle of plug-in modules for After Effects lets to make various sorts of special effects which are so indispensable for each video artist. In one set several types of powerful instruments are collected in order to create all kinds of incredible video FX, such as flashes, rays, stars, sparkles, glow, rainbow, lens flare, etc. Each module in the AlphaStar set is a very powerful tool in itself that covers the whole trend in the sphere of producing special effects and permits a great variety of methods of its application.
AlphaStar allows the creation of pictures amazing in their beauty and quality. Being built based on the unique 64-bit drawing algorithm, this plug-in allows for achieving quite complex types of half-tone transitions, chromatic aberrations, and color mixing. All of these create very effective pictures, so attractive to people’s eyes.
additionally, AlphaStar contains special facilities to perform complex effects with the significant number of lighting objects easily and quickly. Well thought of and convenient particle systems and automatic object generation systems allow easily decorating the compositions with myriads of immensely beautiful stars and make them live their own life on the screen.
The UI of AlphaStar is quite convenient; it is aimed at easing working with this solution to the maximum by making it more pleasant and productive. Despite the great number of adjustable parameters, it is really convenient to work with our module. All parameters are grouped in thematic lists. All parameters which are not used at the moment become disabled and minimized.
The special solution for the quick and productive work with AlphaStar should be mentioned especially. The Presets mechanism shows the basic possibilities of plug-ins in the form of buttons with icons. By just pushing a button, you can automatically change the corresponding parameters to achieve the same effect on the screen as on the chosen image. After that, you just need to adjust a few parameters a little based on what you wish. This presets kit allows getting familiar with the basic abilities of our product very quickly which, of course, are much more numerous than those shown in the presets.
Undoubtful, AlphaStar is a very powerful and convenient instrument in the inventory of any video artist. You do not need to install and study any other plug-ins, which separately perform only a small part of things that our product is able to do. The quality of drawing and convenience of usability makes our product an indispensable assistant which gives a creative person the ability to create truly glamorous masterpieces of computer art.


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