Adware Explained

Adware is another potential threat to your computer if you access the internet. Adware is free software that is installed onto your computer with your permission and can be in the form of software that is used to automatically fill in web forms. In exchange for carrying out this task the installed adware will track your internet activity and show you targeted advertisements. It should be noted that people who use adware have legally opted into this. This is usually done in the fine print of an end user license agreement that you must accept in order to download specific software applications.

Adware usually installs onto your computer along with a shareware or freeware application that you have downloaded. The purpose of adware is to generate revenue for the software developer and this is done by displaying web based advertisements. This can be in the form of pop up windows of banners.

Not all adware is bad and for most people it is just very annoying. So how can you stop this problem? The first thing you will need to do is to ensure adware removal from your computer is to install and adware remover. You can obtain free adware removal software but in some cases in order to successfully remove adware you may have to uninstall the program it came with. Your adware removal software will help to identify these programs. If you decide to purchase an adware remover a brief internet search will provide you with all the information you need on both paid adware remover software and free adware removal software.

In order to avoid the situation altogether make sure to read all end user license agreements before downloading any internet applications. This is probably the only 100% guaranteed way of removing adware and keeping it from being installed again.


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