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Access your Instant Messenger Chat History from Anywhere

Are you chatting a lot from different PCs? Tired of losing your conversation history every time you switch computers? Access your chat history for any instant messenger, from any PC, anywhere in the world with a free service!

If you ever interrupt an important conversation or a friendly chat and want to catch up later, you can now have access to what was previously said, making it easy to restart a conversation from where it stopped. You can access it thanks to the built-in conversation history features of your favorite instant messenger, such as ICQ or MSN Messenger. Your conversations are stored on the hard drive of your computer for your future reference.

But what if you are away from your home computer? Or, what if you chat on several different PCs? In that case, you would have parts of your conversation history stored on different computers, which causes all kinds of problems from simple inconvenience to the invasion of your privacy and security leaks. Using your work computer for chatting, when allowed by employers, is particularly prone to this problem. The worst part is that you cannot even synchronize those PCs to have one solid conversation history as this operation is not on the list of most instant messengers!

Keep your conversation history always accessible and save your chat history online with a new service! IM-HISTORY stores your instant messages on secure dedicated servers and provides easy online access to your chat history from anywhere in the world.

IM-HISTORY ( supports all popular instant messengers, including ICQ, MSN Messenger, Miranda IM, QIP, Skype, Trillian, and Yahoo! Messenger. IM-HISTORY client is easy to install and configure. It detects supported instant messengers automatically and offers you an option to upload your existing contacts and conversations online. Install IM-HISTORY on all PCs you use for chatting, and consolidate all contacts and scattered conversation parts into a single, solid online archive that is easy to access from any computer. IM-HISTORY stores your sensitive data securely and provides real-time, 24/7 online access to your information.

Are you using more than one account, or even several different instant messengers? IM-HISTORY provides an option to consolidate all your accounts from all supported instant messengers into a single, easy-to-access online archive.

IM-HISTORY is here to stay. In the nearest future, it will support even more instant messengers, including AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), GTalk, IChat, Kopete, Pidgin (Gaim), and other popular products. Soon you’ll be able to access your message history from mobile platforms too – imagine using your mobile phone for chatting, and seeing what you said when chatting on a PC!

IM-HISTORY does for the first time what many have been dreaming of. With no real alternatives, there’s just no doubt that any serious IM user would want to have IM-HISTORY on their PC. IM-HISTORY is absolutely free, so download your copy now from and have greater chatting convenience wherever you go!


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